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Boston College Vs. Duke: Doc Rivers Talks About Son Austin Rivers

Doc Rivers is a proud father, and for good reason. He has four children who have carried the last name well, and he has done so while juggling a career as an NBA player and now the head coach of the Boston Celtics. Rivers talked with Steve Bulpett about one of his sons, Austin Rivers, who will be in town on Sunday as Duke faces Boston College.

Doc has had to juggle a unique relationship with Austin, being a parent while being a coach.

"It's not hard," Doc said. "I give advice when asked. I'm a big believer in letting the coaches coach them and let the parent be the parent. And I have strong opinion about that. I just think too many parents are involved in ways that sometimes make it harder. You can't live through your kids. You've got to allow them to do well and make mistakes, too. You just have to try to always be there when they need to talk." (via Boston Herald)

The senior Rivers will not be able to attend Sunday's game in Chestnut Hill, as his Boston Celtics face the Detroit Pistons in Auburn Hill, MI at the same time. Check out more of Rivers' comments on his son and the balancing act here.

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