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NFL Draft 2012 Update: Luke Kuechly Could Be Headed To The AFC West

Luke Kuechly is looking more and more like a first round pick out of Boston College.

While Kuechly hasn't been getting the acclaim as some other high round hopefuls, the young man has impressed many around the league. Kuechly brings a unique skill set with him that should translate nicely to the NFL game.

Some see him as a good fit with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he could slide into a linebacker core of two pro bowlers in Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson.

Another good fit could be in the AFC West with the San Diego Chargers, who desperately need a linebacker and some youth. Philip Rivers has the offense looking great for Norv Turner but the defense just seems to be missing something. Kuechly would fit nicely alongside Shaun Phillips.

With the NFL combine just a month away, it will be fascinating to see how Kuechly moves on NFL draft boards.