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USA Today Releases College Football Rankings

The USA Today released its preseason college football poll, with Oklahoma coming in at number one.

Oklahoma is the best team in the nation, according to USA Today's Preseason Coaches Poll. 

Boston College's familiar foes Florida State (5) and Virginia Tech (13) are the highest ranked teams in the ACC, but the Eagles are nowhere to be found. Neither is a single team from the Big East, although West Virginia received 149 votes to put them just two spots out of the Top 25. 

Defending national champion Auburn is ranked 19th, four spots below Texas Christian, the nation's only other unbeaten from last year, which falls in at 15. 

Rounding out the top five are Alabama, Oregon and Louisiana State. Boise State, making the jump to the Western Athletic Conference this season, is at seven, just behind Stanford and just ahead of Oklahoma State. 

Wisconsin is the Big Ten's first entrant, fittingly enough at number 10. 

Texas A&M falls in at ninth, completing the Top Ten. 

USC, serving a self-imposed bowl ban in the wake of numerous infractions in that past, is ineligible to receive votes in the poll. 

Just to spite them, Notre Dame is ranked 18th.