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Brian Favat Of BC Interruption Will Be On ESPN Radio 102.1 In Savannah Today

Brian Favat, the purveyor of BC Interruption, will join Seth Harp of "Harp On Sports" on ESPN Radio 102.1 in Savannah at 3:30 p.m. EDT to talk a little Boston College Football.

I'll be doing a 5-10 minute segment with Seth Harp of "Harp on Sports" this afternoon on ESPN 102.1 radio in Savannah to discuss Eagles football around 3:30. If you're in the Savannah / Hilton Head area and can tune into 102.1 FM, please do. If you live outside of the area, which I'm assuming most of you do, you can click on the link above and then click on the "listen live" button to tune in. Awkwardness will most definitely ensue. (via BC Interruption)

For more BC Football coverage, visit our team page and blog, BC Interruption.