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2011 National Signing Day: Boston College Recruiting Stays Local

On Wednesday, Boston College announced its 2011 recruiting class, featuring four four-star players and nine three-star recruits. Of the 23 players head coach Fran Spaziani added to the Eagles on National Signing Day, five are from Massachusetts, an important fact that should not be overlooked, says BC Interruption

It's great to see the program signing local kids that want to play on the Heights. Adding local kids to the roster helps generate excitement in the program throughout New England, and only helps BC further develop recruiting pipelines in the Northeast. New England might not have the most talent in the land, but I definitely appreciate a concerted effort to recruit in Massachusetts.

The five recruits matches the total of in-state players BC signed last season, which is the most since 2006. In all, since 2002, a total of 36 players have decided to stay at home and play for the Eagles. 

Over the last two classes, Spaz has signed 10 recruits from the state. That's the highest two-year total of recruits from Massachusetts in the last ten years.

Head over the BC Interruption for more on the Eagles' recruiting, including a breakdown of the last ten recruiting classes, broken down by state.