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Connor Wujciak Commits To Boston College, Gives Eagles Country's No. 19 Ranked Defensive End

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Despite receiving offers from Maryland, where his brother Alex just finished his senior year, and Notre Dame where his father Alan won a national championship, four-star defensive end Connor Wujciak will be playing for the BC Eagles in Chestnut Hill.

For Connor, the choice was all about the personnel.

“It was a perfect fit, the program, the coaches and the tradition,” Wujciak said. "I really like the people there. I thought my decision would come down to people and it did. My recruiting coach for the day was Mike Dawson. He was really cool and I stayed in touch with him. And I really like the recruiting coordinator (Mike Siravo).

"I was really choosing my school rather than my dad’s and Alex’s school," Wujciak, a West Caldwell resident, said. “And neither one of them put any pressure on me. They both really helped. So did my coach (John Finnegan), the trainer at Seton Hall, Larry Baggit, and my trainer, Don Sellari, at Sports University in Fairfield.”

Having found a good fit with the Eagles, Wujciak committed to Boston College in early July 2010.

At 6’4" and 250 pounds, Wujciak played both defensive end and tight end for Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey, but will stick to the defensive side of things in college. Wujciak combines solid tackling with good speed, but could struggle against stronger blockers when trying to reach the quarterback.