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2011 National Signing Day: Boston College Hopeful Mehdi Abdesmad Can Contribute This Season

In the days of redshirting, it's not often that many college football recruits have the opportunity to contribute right from the start. However, Mehdi Abdesmad will get that chance when he joins the Boston College Eagles this spring.

Abdesmad, a 6'6", 260-pound defensive end from Montrel, Quebec, committed to Boston College in November. He is a three-star recruit, according to Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani expects Abdesmad have an impact from the moment he takes the field.

And Spaziani and his staff hope they've found themselves another gem north of the border in this class with 6-foot-6, 255-pound defensive end Mehdi Abdesmad. The Montreal native of Tunisian descent was one of two January enrollees (Louis-Jean is the other) who will be able to participate in spring football. Spaziani, looking for a disruptive force on the pass rush, said there's a chance for Abdesmad to contribute in 2011.

"When a kid comes in here (in the spring), there's a chance for him to play, and in his case, there's a need over there with the graduations," said Spaziani. "But he's still a true freshman, so we'll see. But he looks the part, he's the right kind of kid and I'm looking forward to seeing him practice." (via Steve Conroy/Boston Herald)

The feeling is mutual for Abdesmad, who is very excited about the opportunity to hit the field immediately.

"I came here early so that I can get (a head start) on the other freshmen and start training and practicing with the team so that I can be ready for spring ball," he said. (via Steve Conroy/Boston Herald)

Abdesmad also received scholarship offers from UConn, Baylor and Akron. Not only will Abdesmad be living out his own dream of playing Division I college football, but also his father's. Sadly, Abdesmad's father will not be around to see his son achieve their dream, as he passed away after a bout with brain cancer three years ago. 

"He said it to my mother before he passed away. He said, ‘My son will go far. I'm sure of it,' " said Abdesmad. "BC is a really good school and it's close to home. My family can come down and see me easily." (via Steve Conroy/Boston Herald)