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Message To Boston College Fans: Hang In There, Success Will Come

Boston College's head coach and starting quarterback had a message for its fan base following its 38-7 loss to the Florida State Seminoles in front of a national audience on Thursday night: hang in there, and the success will come.

CHESTNUT HILL - Hang in there, Boston College fans, because success will come. At least, that was the message from the Eagles' postgame press conferences following their 38-7 shellacking at the hands of the Florida State Seminoles.

BC was out-gained by 100 total yards (307 to 207) and was only able to muster 94 yards on the ground, but the message to fans from BC head coach Frank Spaziani after the loss was, well, the same thing it had been since the start.

"My message would be the same as it would be in the beginning of the year," said Spaziani. "I mean, our guys are playing hard. Our guys are working hard. They're doing what this university professes, 'Ever To Excel,' and we're trying to do it the right way. The success isn't as obvious in wins and losses as everybody would want. But it will come, and the sooner the better."

As for Eagles sophomore quarterback Chase Rettig, his message to fans was similar: hang in there.

"Hang in there," Rettig said. "If you're a BC fan from the first game, you know, ifeanyi [Momah] goes down. There was a lot of excitement around here. Montel [Harris] obviously isn't here.

"You know, football - when you are a fan and you are a spectator, it's completely black and white. No one cares if you complete a 15-yard pass and then you go the next series and it's a turnover. No one cares if injuries are the reason why you're not winning or if being young has to do with not winning."

What does Rettig suggest? Well, fans of this team just need to watch and understand the game.

"To the fans, I guess, you've just got to watch the games and you have to understand what's going on," he said. "Look forward to some of the younger guys getting this experience. Every game those guys are getting better and everyone's still learning. Next week we've just got to be better than we were this week."

It sure sounds like this group still believes in itself, which is a good thing. Honestly, do you really want a team that doesn't have faith in itself? Sure, they can certainly all own up to their own shortcomings, but it's crucial in the game of football to still believe in yourself each and every week.

But there's a bigger problem here, it doesn't seem like the coaching staff, Spaziani in particular, recognizes the need for change. Spaziani said that the team continues to work hard and they're giving their all, which is a good thing, but when something isn't working, isn't change necessary?

At 2-7 overall and 1-5 in the ACC, it certainly seems that way. But based on Spaziani's comments, it seems that he thinks the kinks will work themselves out as time goes on. Yet here we are in Week 10 of the season, and no such progress has been made - at least true progress, anways.

As for Rettig, he stressed the importance of focusing on the little victories that the Eagles have had this season, basically asking fans to find the little successes within the games. But isn't winning the ultimate victory?

Take these comments whichever way you want to, but one fact is pretty clear: regardless of what the coaches and players say or believe, the status quo just isn't working out. Period.