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Boston College Vs. Florida State: Frank Spaziani Postgame Press Conference

Here is the transcript for Boston College Eagles' head coach Frank Spaziani and his postgame press conference following BC's 38-7 loss to the Florida State. Seminoles on Thursday night.

OPENING STATEMENT: "First of all, congratulations to Jimbo [Fisher], Florida State. They have a very nice football team there. Well coached, good athletes. We got licked. So, any questions?

Q: The first half when you couldn't get anything going offensively, you put [Josh] Bordner in there. What was the reason for doing that? Was that to get a spark going?

SPAZIANI: "Well, yeah, we obviously were having trouble blocking them, having trouble protecting. [We] couldn't make a first down, couldn't get out of our own way for a little bit over there. Because of our situation with the backs and we had put a couple things in for Josh - he'd been practicing better for the last couple of weeks. Why not? We got a little spark and got something going."

Q: Going forward will you play both Josh [Bordner] and Chase [Rettig]?

SPAZIANI: "Well, you know, there's certain situations where it could be done. Once again, it was necessities - the mother of invention. We needed to have something else in there because of our situation with our personell. We had hoped to play Josh a little bit. I don't foresee two offenses, but we certainly have a weapon in [him]."

Q: What was the level of disappointment like with the players, obviously with the bowl game off the table now. How disappointed did they seem and how disappointed are you?

SPAZIANI: "Well, we're disappointed that we lost. We had a lot of goals that disappeared a little bit this year. I think we're at the stage where we're not discouraged - we're disappointed. We know exactly who we are and where we have to go. That's a good football team out there, that's a real good football team. We'll move forward from this and build on it. There's a lot of football to play. The season's not over - we've got Senior Day coming up, we've got a lot of games."

Q: Just talk about the turnovers They just seemed to be in the wrong places.

SPAZIANI: "They're never in the right places. Certainly the first one was on the seven yard line, or whatever it was. You know, when you're playing a team like that of that caliber, we said it going in and we knew it, we have to play error free football, darn near perfect, and we can't afford to have those things and overcome them. Once again, that's a good football team like that. The second one down on the goal line, it's a product of a new play and the execution. You can't just put stuff in and expect to execute it."

Q: Taking into account the team they are and the turnover, defense early seemed to dictate, they swarmed very well and seemed to be almost setting a tone for the game until that happened.

SPAZIANI: "Well, once again, I haven't looked at the tape obviously but just looking at the defense, the defense - they had their eyes opened a little bit what a real caliber, speed, athletic football team can be with all the weapons and well coached. They got a lot of different things, and they know what to do. Our guys looked quicker out there, looked like they made some plays at times, and [some] times they didn't. One of the passes that was crucial on two of those scores, we just couldn't handle and there's a number of reasons for that. We've been able to handle it in the past and just couldn't handle it. There were some positives on defense, certainly, and I think they competed in the second half. There's a lot of good things going on out there, but 38-7 was not good.

Q: Was one of [the good thing] stopping them on 4th and 1 on the five?

SPAZIANI: "Absolutely. I don't know what the score was at the time. I think a lesser group might not have done that. Looking out there correctly, they had their best guys in there, it wasn't like anyone was taking it easy. Both teams were competing and those are things, like I said, we're very disappointed, but you can't be discouraged. There's a lot of stuff going on out there."

Q: Obviously you don't coach for the fans, but after this loss, what is your message to BC fans?

SPAZIANI: "My message would be the same as it would be in the beginning of the year. I mean, our guys are playing hard. Our guys are working hard. They're doing what this university professes, 'Ever To Excel,' and we're trying to do it the right way. The success isn't as obvious in wins and losses as eveybody would want. But it will come, and the sooner the better."

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