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Mike Scioscia Talks To Boston College Basketball Team In California

After a rough start to the season, the Boston College Eagles men's basketball team needed a pep talk from an outside source to get back on track. Who better to do that than Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia?

Scioscia talked with the Eagles, according to head coach Steve Donahue, and talked to the team about what it takes to be successful and be a leader. Donahue wrote on Twitter that Scioscia told the Eagles that "to be a leader, you first need to lead yourself." He also talked to BC about bouncing back from failure and noted that, in baseball, hitting .300 means you were out seven out of ten times. Scioscia stressed the importance to stay positive and always think that you will succeed.

Donahue's team would be wise to take his advice, as it is certainly in need of a change. Boston College opened the season win a 67-64 win over New Hampshire, but lost its next two games against Holy Cross and UMass. BC is in California for the 76 Classic, which begins on Thanksgiving Day.

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