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Harvard Vs. Yale: Crimson Lead 24-7 At the Half

Harvard outscored Yale 17-0 in the second quarter after being tied at seven after the first quarter. Yale has gained a very respectable 181 total yards in one half of action, but Harvard still managed to double them up, racking up an absurd 357 total yards in the first half. 

Crimson' Collier Winters has completed 21 of 31 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown. The quarterback has also recorded 51 yards rushing on eight attempts, adding another touchdown on the ground. Harvard has 20 first downs to Yale's six. Both teams have a turnover. 

Yale has missed a field goal and Harvard has yet to commit a penalty. Harvard is on pace for nearly 800 total yards. 

The second half of this game can be seen on Versus. Yale will receive the ball to begin the third quarter. 

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