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Boston University vs. Northeastern University: Starters and Keys To the Game

We're less than five minutes away from tipoff on the 2011-12 season for college basketball in Boston. Case Gymnasium is nearly filled to capacity with plenty of Huskies fans showing their colors. The new BU banner has been raised and we're about to start. Here are the starters and some keys to the game for both teams.

Boston University Terriers:
1 G Darryl Partin
2 G Matt Griffin
13 D.J. Irving
15 F Dom Morris
25 F Pat Hazel

Northeastern University Huskies:
10 F Kauri Black
14 G Jonathan Lee
20 G Joel Smith
32 G Alwayne Bigby
34 Kashief Edwards

Keys to the Game:

1. The Terriers need to get contributions from all five guys on the floor as they try to adjust to life after John Holland. With all but one player returning BU should be able to take the hit better than most teams that lose the top player in their conference.

2. Northeastern also had their top player graduate in Chaisson Allen. Allen was not only the team's leading scorer and defender but he led the team in assists as well. The Huskies will need to prove they found a new player to lead the offense and take care of the ball especially in front of a rowdy crowd here at Case Gymnasium.

3. How quickly can Boston University adjust to new head coach Joe Jones? The players and coach Jones have all said their aren't a lot of differences in the gameplan but that doesn't mean their won't be an adjustment period. With BU eager to prove their superiority in this rivalry the Terriers will need to show they've mastered Jones' new system.