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Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky And The Worst Scandal In College Football

There are plenty of words to describe one's feelings about the sickening scandal surrounding former Penn State coaches Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the athletic staff involved. It is very sad, but it shows what an evil world we live in.

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There are plenty of words that could describe my feelings about now former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, as well as school president Graham Spanier, athletic director Timothy Curley, senior vice president for finance and business Gary Schulltz and assistant coach Mike McQueary.

Appalled. Sickened. Angry. Disgusted. Scared. All would be fair descriptions of this scandal.

But above all, I'm sad. I'm sad first and foremost for the victims of the sexual crimes committed by Sandusky and their families. I'm sad for the people involved with the proud Penn State University who had no idea what was going on and now have their reputations ruined simply by association with the school. I'm sad that arguably the greatest coach in college football history saw his entire legacy come crashing down in a week. And overall, I'm simply sad for humanity.

On the other hand, I'm furious. I'm furious at Sandusky, that sick, twisted coward who took advantage of young boys and permanently altered their lives just so he could get a cheap thrill. I'm angry at Paterno, Curley, Spanier, Schultz, McQueary and the countless unnamed others who didn't utter a word of the sick crimes they had heard for years when the law mandates them to.

I'm angry at the boneheaded "reporters" (if you can even call them that) who were so blinded by local "homerism" that they were shouting at the Board of Trustees because they fired their precious JoePa, when it was the absolute right thing to do. I'm also mad at the idiot students who rioted over Paterno's firing, turning it into a story about themselves instead of those poor victims who went through hell and back thanks to that bottom feeder Sandusky.

There are plenty of other emotions that will develop as this trial continues. For now, we're left with just questions.

How could someone do this? Why didn't anybody speak up? When will these men, if you can even call them that, face justice? Will the victims be able to recover? And even just a one word question - why?

I wish that I could write that we'll never see a scandal as sick as this again. I sincerely wish that I could tell you that. But I can't. I can't and I will never be able to be. No one will. As long as human inhabit the Earth, I cannot tell you that.

As a Christian, I believe in God, and I believe that He overseas all of humanity with an iron fist, but also a loving heart. It's that loving heart that allows the good that is in this world to be seen and felt. But there is also evil in this world, which I believe is also allowed by God. Why? Because all of us are sinners and are not perfect.

Now, I am in no way writing that in effort to shove Christianity down your throats, but am simply sharing my personal beliefs and sharing my insight. I merely mention it to show what I believe, that people are evil by nature.

This Sandusky fiasco is an example of pure, unfiltered evil. And it's scary. Very, very scary. Unfortunately, these kinds of horrific events occur every day, and because they aren't on a nation stage like an institution such as Penn State is, they never see the light of day beyond the local news or a short spot on national news.

Yet because of human nature, evil like this will happen again. But in no way does that make it right and it certainly doesn't mean it should go unpunished.

Sandusky, Spanier, Curley and all involved will be judged. They already have been judged by our legal system, the community and the media, a ruling that will stick with them until they breathe their last breath, regardless of its validity or truth. I also believe that they will be judged for their actions by God, and again, those are my personal beliefs.

God help all those involved in this tragedy, especially the victims. We live in a sick and evil world.