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Matt Humphrey Has 'Been Waiting Over 365 Days' To Play For Boston College

Matt Humphrey has been waiting. He's been waiting a long time. For what, you ask? The junior guard has been waiting for quite some time to finally walk out onto the court and play basketball as a member of the Boston College Eagles' basketball team after transferring to the school from the University of Oregon one year ago.

"Man, really excited," said Humphrey when asked about his excitement level for the upcoming season. "I can't wait. Man, I've been waiting over 365 days to be playing basketball."

Humphrey, who transferred to BC last year and sat out the season per NCAA rules, has averaged 4.9 points and two rebounds in is first two seasons with the Ducks. Humphrey has had a lot of time to practice and work on his game, and he knows that the Eagles are overlooked in the ACC. However, he thinks that good things are in store this season.

"Yeah, I think so," Humphrey said. "I think a lot of people underestimate us because of our inexperienced guys on the team, we have a lot of freshman and what not, but I think guys underestimate us and we'll be alright."

Humphrey took part in the three-point contest at Ice Jam 2011 on Thursday night at Conte Forum but finished second behind sophomore guard Danny Rubin with 14 points. After a strong start, Humphrey fizzled out and came up just short of his teammate to finish second.

"Oh yeah, initially," said Humphrey when asked if he felt good during the competition. "But [a] long day of practice, weight room, tired and so. That's alright."

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