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Ice Jam 2011: Matt Humphrey Shines In Three-Point Competition

Matt Humphrey didn't win the three-point contest at the second annual Ice Jam on Thursday night at Conte Forum, but he put forth quite a show. Humphrey opened up with a solid string of threes before petering out and finishing with 14 points, two points shy of the contest's winner, sophomore guard Danny Rubin.

While Humphrey's efforts didn't net him the win (which doesn't really matter, anyways), his performance was encouraging for Boston College fans. Humphrey has great form on his shot and moderate speed, unlike Rubin who has a slower release from three-point range (at least in the three-point contest). Humphrey is a player who is expected to be a big part of the Eagles' offense and could assume the star player role on a team with many underclassmen.

If Humphrey lives up to the hype, he could help the Eagles outperform expectation this year.

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