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Sagarin Rankings Unkind To Boston College Eagles

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According to the latest Sagarin college football rankings, Boston College ranks 137th of all college football teams, sandwiched in between I-AA Jacksonville State and I-AA Delaware. That puts Boston College behind, among others, Holy Cross, Brown, Harvard and The Citadel.

Brian Favat of BC Interruption explored the Sagarin rankings further, determining that Boston College (1-6) would be the worst-rated team in the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12 and Big East. The Eagles would be rated seventh in the I-AA Colonial Conference, behind Maine, Towson, James Madison, New Hampshire, Old Dominion and UMass, though BC's lone win was a 45-17 thrashing of UMass.

The Eagles are rated ahead of just two BCS-conference teams, Minnesota (No. 141) and Indiana (142), and that's just by a hair. In fact, the Sagarin rankings say either team would be favored during a home game against BC.

If you were wondering who the Eagles would be favored against, there are five conferences the Eagles would be favored to win.

One of those is the SWAC, wrote Favat.

Boston College is ranked higher than the SWAC's current leader in the clubhouse, Alabama State. But just barely. Boston College vs. Alabama State for the SWAC Conference Championship would be a dog fight, and would likely come down to a field goal.

In sum, there are just five ... count them ... five Division I conferences that the Eagles could conceivably win this year. And that's the good news ...

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