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Midnight Madness 2011: Ryan Boatright Defeats Andre Drummond in UConn's Dunk Contest

The college basketball season is right around the corner. UConn doesn't officially begin their title defense until November 11 when they host Columbia, but last night two stud freshman, Ryan Boatright and Andre Drummond put on a show during a lively dunk contest at the Gampel Pavillion.

Freak freshmen Ryan Boatright (who's about the size of an average American ninth-grader) and Andre Drummond made it to the finals, with Boatright winning it.

The 6'10" Drummond was the number two recruit in 2011 and the 6'2" Boatright was the 74th, according to ESPN.

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports has a first-hand report, which includes videos, along with a Hasheem Thabeet fashion update. 

The highlight of the evening, truly, was Kemba Walker and Ray Allen being introduced. Both ovations were enormous and roof-rattling. Hasheem Thabeet's fashion choice of a shiny-blue Hartford Whalers winter-type vest was also astounding and didn't go unappreciated by the fans.

Below are two videos from Norlander.

Boatright baseline dunk (via giddy41)

Drummond baseline dunk (via giddy41)


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