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2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Gearing Up With BC Interruption

In addition to SB Nation Boston's coverage of tonight's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl featuring Boston College and Nevada at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA (9 p.m. ET, ESPN), BC Interruption has been hard at work in order to bring you the best coverage of tonight's game.

Here's a look at what Brian Favat and the BC Interruption team have in store for BC football fans tonight.

2010 Boston College Football: Nevada Game Thread (Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, 9:00 PM EDT ESPN): BCI provides a game thread for every Boston College football game, and here's the one for tonight's bowl game. This capsule provides information and a quick breakdown of the game. But more importantly, it offers you the fan a chance to post your comments and throughout before, during and after the game. 

Poll: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl ... Who Wins?:  Don't just sit idly by, get in the game and vote for the team you think will win the 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. 

Boston College Football: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Vs. Nevada Game Links: Read up on everything that's been written about tonight's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl with BCI's pregame links.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Boston College Football Drinking Game: BCI has prepared a drinking game, just for the 2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Remember, please drink responsibly!

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: These Two Coaches No Spring Chickens: BCI takes a look at the head coaching match-up, featuring Boston College coach Frank Spaziani and Nevada coach Chris Ault.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl And The Big Finish: Brian and Jeff of BCI share their thoughts on the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, all capped off by the Big Finish.

Five Good Minutes: Nevada Preview With Pistol Whipping The WAC: A personal favorite, Brian Favat chats with Pistol Whipping The WAC, a Wolf Pack football blog, in the always entertaining Five Good Minutes post. 

Here's a look at Pistol Whipping The WAC's thought on the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (via BC Interruption).

BCI: Last one. Prediction time. Who ya got in this one? What's the final score?

PWtW: Again, I try to avoid predicting scores when I can. Instead, in my regular season previews I do a pretty self-explanatory feature called "Best-Case Scenario, Worst-Case Scenario." In the former, I see Nevada's seniors continuing the trend of doing things no other Nevada team has done and getting the bowl win monkey off of their backs, with the passing component methodically grinding down BC's defense and Coach Buh's unit holding their offense to 13 or fewer points. In the latter, I see BC's defense playing a really stellar game and the Pistol not having any real success until it's too late, with the Eagles winning by scoring at least two touchdowns apiece on offense and defense and the season ending with real questions regarding Coach Ault's bowl preparation methods.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Boston College vs. Nevada, Top 10 Reasons To Watch: The title is pretty self explanatory, so I'll leave the description at that.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Boston College vs. Nevada, What You Need To Know: Brian Favat at BCI put together some tidbits about this year's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, as well as its history.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Random Gambling Notes For Boston College Vs. Nevada: Again, pretty self explanatory. BCI's gambling notes for tonight's game.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Charting Nevada's Rise Up The BlogPoll: BCI's very interesting look at Nevada's rise to the top (well, No. 15 in the BCS and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl).

Remember to check back with both SB Nation Boston and BC Interruption throughout tonight's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl for live game updates. Enjoy the game, and go BC!