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2011 National Signing Day: Boston College Loses Four-Star Recruit To Florida

Boston College has taken a hit to its recruiting class, as four-star linebacker Graham Stewart has withdrawn from his commitment to BC in favor of the Florida Gators.

Despite hailing from nearby Middletown, Connecticut, Stewart seems to have long favored Gainesville over Chestnut Hill. It was only the turmoil the Gators program was experiencing with Urban Meyer’s sudden retirement that held Stewart back. With things back under control and Will Muschamp in place, things were steady enough for Stewart to switch to Florida.

Still, while there’s no question that Stewart is a strong and valuable recruit, Brian at BC Interruption reminds us, linebacker is a position the Eagles can survive taking a hit in:

As Eagle in Atlanta mentions, if there’s one position where BC is deep, it’s at the linebacker position. Guys like Luke Kuechly, Kevin Pierre-Louis and Steele Divitto should give the Eagles a strong core at LB for the next few years, and this year’s incoming class already includes a bunch of other guys that could play at LB, including St. Xavier (Ohio)’s Sean Duggan and Steven Daniels.