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NCAA Bubble Watch: Steve Donahue, Boston College Have Work To Do

Steve Donahue and Boston College (14-7, 4-3 ACC) have some work to do if they wan't to receive a bid to the NCAA Tournament, according to SB Nation's newest NCAA Bubble Watch.

Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation writes that the Eagles are one of 12 teams that need to finish out the season on a strong note in order to go dancing in March. While BC has some work to do, crosstown rival Harvard (13-3, 2-0 Ivy League) is in place to earn an auto bid to the tournament, according to Dobbertean.

Read Dobbertean's analysis of Boston College, as well as the other teams around the NCAA that need to patch up their resumes, after the jump.

Work To Do

As we move down to line eight, we start to see the teams with more serious issues, either consistency or scheduling-related.

Michigan State drops down here after Thursday night's loss to Michigan, their first home defeat against the Wolverines since 1997. The Spartans currently sit at 12-8 overall and 4-4 in the Big Ten. Sure, two winnable contests are up next (Indiana and at Iowa), but everyone thought a home game against the Wolverines was a slam dunk. Plus, Tom Izzo's backcourt is now thinner with the dismissal of Korie Lucious.

Otherwise, the stories are very much the same here. ArizonaCincinnati, and  St. Mary's don't have much out of conference; Tennessee is impossible to figure out. Boston College and Georgia have hit patches of inconsistency in conference play. St. John's seems to be losing momentum, something Kansas State looks to be recovering. Of this group, UNLV seems best placed to rise up to lock status at the moment.