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2011 Senior Bowl: Boston College's Anthony Castonzo Embraces The Patriot Way

Anthony Castonzo just couldn't help himself. After living in Boston for four years, the Illinois-native ultimately gave into the urge that so many in these parts have done. For better or worse, Castonzo has become a Patriots fan.

But his is a conditional fanhood, as the 6-foot-7, 308-pound senior offensive lineman for Boston College is more a fan of a particular player on the team than the entire squad itself, and that player is Matt Light.

"He's a guy who's been in the league for so long, and he's a little bit of a lighter guy like I am," said Castonzo, as he walked off the field following a North team practice for the Under Armour Senior Bowl. "Light uses great technique and that's how he wins. I like to watch him a lot. Basically, if I'm a fan of a team's left tackle, I become a fan of them." (via Ian Rapoport, Boston Herald)

Light isn't the only NFL lineman that Castonzo has found himself fixated with, in fact, some of the others play for the Miami Dolphins, the Cleveland Browns -- and yes -- even the hated New York Jets.

"I love watching Jake Long (of the Dolphins)," he said. "He's probably one of the best in the league, and then (the Jets') D'Brickashaw Ferguson is real fun to watch. (Cleveland's) Joe Thomas, too. Those guys are the best." (via Ian Rapoport, Boston Herald)

It's probably not a bad idea for Castonzo to mimic the likes of Light, Long, Ferguson and Thomas, seeing that all of them are among the NFL's top lineman. 

Castonzo, who is projected to be a first-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft this April, has been doing everything he can to make his stock rise in this year's draft. That includes practicing at guard and working on mastering the fundamentals, according to Rapoport. He will be joining fellow Boston College senior Mark Herzlich in the 2011 Senior Bowl, which takes place on Saturday at 4 p.m. EST.