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2011 Senior Bowl: Mark Herzlich's Scouting Report From Mocking The Draft

Mark Herzlich returned to the football field in 2010 after successfully winning his battle with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He finished with 65 tackles, 3.5 tackles for a loss, while helping to lead the Eagles to a 7-6 record and another bowl appearance. Now he's in Mobile, Alabama, doing his best to impress NFL scouts at the 2011 Senior Bowl

We already know he's one of the best stories in college football in years, but what does the future hold? Mocking the Draft offers their scouting report on Herzlich

Strength: With restrictions on leg exercises during his cancer treatment, Herzlich decided to focus and build on his upper body during his off-season. When he returned he put his feet on the scale and was nearly the same exact weight he was in 2008. His legs could always use more strength, but that will all come in time. His upper body strength is near perfection for a young man with his body type. Give him an off-season with an NFL training schedule and he'll be able to throw running backs down like it's nothing.

Final Word: The entire country was able to witness the best story college football has seen in a while. Meeting and talking to Mark the game day he announced that cancer had finally been stricken from his body. His personality is perfect for a football player; reserved and kind off the field and a monster once he steps on the gridiron. Look for Mark to be picked anywhere from mid 2nd to the 3rd round.