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VIDEO: B.J. Raji Touchdown Leads Packers Past Bears, And Onto Super Bowl XLV

With the score 14-7, the Chicago Bears were backed up on their own 15-yard line, facing a 3rd-and-five. Third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie was in the game at this point, replacing Todd Collins who proved to be ineffective in backing-up an injured Jay Cutler. It wouldn't be easy for Hanie, obviously, but he had already led the Bears on a scoring drive, drawing them within a score of the Packers. 

So Hanie dropped back, looked left for running back Matt Forte on a quick slant and delivered a strike. Unfortunately, Hanie never saw nose tackle B.J. Raji drop off the line and into coverage ... 

The former Boston College Eagle took it in for the pick-six, giving Green Bay their third touchdown of the game -- and as it turned out, the game-winning score. Now, Raji and the Packers are headed to Dallas, and Super Bowl XLV. 

After the jump, Raji treats you to a Fat Guy Touchdown Dance.