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BC's Ice Jam: No Bugs Bunny Or Michael Jordan Included

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Half ice. Half court. Boston College Athletics is attempting to use the giant success of their men's ice hockey program to promote their men's and women's basketball and women's ice hockey programs in the first ever "Ice Jam."

As SB Nation's BC Interruption describes, Boston College will host a Midnight Madness-style event in Conte Forum on Oct. 26 to promote the beginning of the ice hockey and basketball seasons. Conte Forum will have half of its basketball court and half of its ice sheet down to allow for all four teams to hold skills competitions during the event.

And if introducing four teams at the same time isn't epic enough for Eagles fans, the student organization planning the event also has secured Bob Costas to host the event.

So is this a great marketing promotion, or sacrilegious for die-hard Eagles hockey fans? The guys at BC Interruption think Ice Jam is an event that could have sticking power:

"Hopefully this is the type of event that fans and students get excited about and one that has legs beyond 2010. It's important for Steve Donahue to sell BC basketball and all the new faces that will be hitting the hardwood this fall."

No word on if the event will include an update of Quad City DJ's infamous mid-1990s hit Space Jam. (Wait, do current college students even remember that song and movie? No? Oh gosh...)