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Boston College Bowl Projections: Eagles Seemingly Headed To Either Kraft Fight Hunger Or Independence Bowl

As more and more college football bowl game matchups are filled (you can see everyone who's accepted at SB Nation), the options for Boston College grow slimmer. Meaning it's getting easier to predict where the Eagles are headed. 

B.C. is essentially down to four options for a bowl destination: Music City (Nashville), Independence (Shreveport), Military (Washington DC) or Kraft Fight Hunger (San Francisco). Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel has Maryland playing in the Military Bowl (against ECU), and as BC Interruption says, "the Music City will likely take 7-5 North Carolina."

So then the Eagles are headed to either the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco or the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, where they would play Air Force. If the Eagles head west to the Kraft Fight Hunger, then B.C. would probably be facing either Nevada or Boise State. Again, from Mandel: 

"Various parties are trying to broker a deal to send either 11-1 Nevada or 10-1 Boise State to face 10-2 Utah in the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl gets first pick of the two and favors the Broncos, but Nevada fans have been heavily lobbying the San Francisco game to take the Wolfpack -- and Boise fans have been lobbying it to let them go."

For the record, Mandel projects B.C. will end up in San Francisco, playing the 11-1 Nevada Wolfpack. 

The Independence Bowl is Monday, Dec. 27, at 5 p.m. ET, while the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is Jan. 9 (a Sunday), at 9 p.m.