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Steve Donahue Awestruck By UConn's 89-Game Winning Streak

Boston College head coach Steve Donahue has had his fair share of winning streaks over the years. In fact, he's riding a seven game win streak right now. But he's never seen anything like the 89-game winning streak posted by Geno Auriemma and the UConn women's basketball team.

"Incredible, hard to fathom," Donahue said when asked about the streak.

Building up to the Connecticut women's basketball team's record-breaking 89th consecutive win on Tuesday night, there has been a lot of discussion as to how the Huskies' streak compared to John Wooden and the UCLA mens basketball teams from 1971 to 1974 that won 88 games in a row. In Donahue's opinion, UConn's streak is just as impressive as UCLA's, despite the gender differences.

"Women's basketball is probably in the same stage as men's basketball was then," said Donahue.

Donahue and Auriemma are not strangers, as they both played for the same high school coach at Springfield High in suburban Philadelphia. Needless to say, Donahue has a tremendous amount of respect for Auriemma.

"Even without this streak he's obviously a great coach to be this good, this many years," Donahue said.