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Brian St. Pierre Will Start For Carolina Panthers, Latest Product From Boston College's QB Factory

This Sunday, six of the 32 starting NFL quarterbacks (almost 19 percent) will be from two of college football's powerhouse schools, Southern California and Texas Ohio State Miami ... Boston College? 

On Thursday, the Carolina Panthers announced they will be starting Brian St. Pierre at QB, getting the nod ahead of rookie Tony Pike to replace concussed Jimmy Clausen. He'll join fellow B.C. alumni Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle) and Matt Ryan (Atlanta) as NFL starters. Oddly enough, St. Pierre was Tim Hasselbeck's (Matt's brother) backup at B.C. for two years. 

Meanwhile, Southern Cal has Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel and Mark Sanchez (we looked for a tie-breaker, with Matt Schaub's knee bothering him, but Matt Leinart is only the third-string QB in Houston). USC and B.C., just two quarterback factories, doing what they do. 

Let's explore some fun facts about Brian St. Pierre! 

- Led the Eagles past Toledo in the 2002 Motor City Bowl

- Was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003

- Waived by the Steelers in 2005

- Joined Panthers' practice squad on Nov. 11, and then just five days later, was moved to the active roster. Two days after that, he was named the starter.

- Has appeared in exactly two games, has thrown just five passes (completing two of them) and has never been higher than a third-string QB. 

- St. Pierre plays the Ravens' defense on Sunday

- Good luck