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Dave Shinskie Disappoints Boston College Once Again

Dave Shinskie just keeps finding ways to disappoint. Most recently, the sophomore quarterback put on a bad show against N.C. State in Saturday's loss, prompting one to ask why head coach Frank Spaziani continues to start him.

Dave Shinskie just keeps finding ways to disappoint.

First, it was a less-than-stellar start against Weber State in Week 1. Then there was the painfully pathetic game against Virginia Tech.

Most recently, the sophomore quarterback put on a bad show against N.C. State in Saturday's embarrassing 44-17 loss, completing 8-of-25 passes for 91 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

Shinskie has no one to blame but himself for his poor performance in 2010. With freshman receivers Jonathan Coleman and Bobby Swigert and standout running back Montel Harris on his side, Shinskie has plenty of talented players to work with.

His completion percentage of 48.4% (47-of-97) and 620 passing yards (155 yards per game) in four games are simply inexcusable at this level. Not to mention, Shinskie has thrown more interceptions (5) than touchdowns (4).

Even still, he isn't the only one who deserves reprimand. 

For some inexplicable reason, Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani has continued to rely on Shinskie this season.

Shinskie wasn't impressive In Boston College's 38-20 win over FCS Weber State, completing 10-of-20 passes for two touchdowns and two interceptions.

To his credit, Shinskie looked a lot better in the Eagles' 26-13 win over Kent State, going 18-for-27 for 214 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Then the wheels came off the bus.

In the Eagles' ACC opener against Virginia Tech, Shinskie looked mediocre at best and finished 11-for-25 with 130 yards and two interceptions after being pulled in favor of sophomore Mike Marscovetra.

At that point, Spaziani finally decided enough is enough and opted to start true freshman Chase Rettig in Boston College's biggest game of the year against Notre Dame.

After stating the game 0-for-4, Rettig settled into the position and finished the day 5-of-10 with 72 yards and a touchdown after leaving with a sprained ankle late in the first half (Sophomore quarterback Mike Marscovetra played the remainder of the game).

"We're right back to square one with Mikey (Marscovetra) and Dave (Shinskie), and we'll keep our other options open," Spaziani said after Rettig's injury and the loss against Notre Dame. "The fact that Dave has won games of course is a positive for Dave. We'll have to evaluate Mikey's performance (Saturday) night and see what kind of progress was made there in our opinions."

Evidently Marscovetra didn't impress coach Spaz at practice, as he opted to give Shinskie one more crack at it.

The result? Boston College is riding a three-game losing streak and now 0-2 in ACC play.

There is only one reasonable explanation as to why Spaziani would go back to Shinskie on Saturday against N.C. State. Plain and simple, Spaziani doesn't have a better option. 

Marscovetra hasn't proven to be any better than Shinskie, throwing five interceptions and only two touchdowns in 2010. As for Rettig, he's only played less than one half of collegiate football and came away with an injury in the process. 

There's no doubt that Rettig is the quarterback of the future at Boston College, but his ankle sprain left him unable to play on Saturday.

The only other option was freshman QB Josh Bordner, a Consensus All-State quarterback as a senior at Century High School in Sykesville, Maryland, who hasn't seen any playing time at Boston College.

To be fair, it's not like Shinskie was a total bust in two seasons in Chestnut Hill. He had some success under center with Boston College last season, helping to guide the Eagles to an 8-5 record and a bowl appearance against USC.

"Well, from day one, from when I got the job, it's been a very difficult situation to negotiate, as you put it," Spaziani said about the quarterback situationin his weekly teleconference this past Wednesday. "We started out this year with Dave and Mike. We have Chase Rettig. We have another freshman on our roster. We made a switch last week. We went with Chase. He got injured, so we're back to square one over here where we're at with that. It's challenging. Once again, we'll work our way through it."

Hopefully he can figure it out soon, or Boston College may be looking at its first losing season since the Eagles went 4-7 in 1998.