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PHOTO: Ray Allen Jersey Burned After He Leaves Celtics, Signs With Heat

Look, I get it. You're upset that Ray Allen has left the Boston Celtics. A lot of us are. But to go as far as burning one of his Celtics jerseys? That is crossing the line. See the picture of a burning Allen jersey after the jump (it is not pretty).


(Found the picture via @CelticsDraft on Twitter. They didn't burn the jersey, they just passed along the picture!)

This is wrong. It's wrong on so many levels. We get it, you're upset, but Allen did so much for the Celtics. He sacrificed, he played hard, and he made big shot after big shot. And this is how you repay him? Whoever burns a Celtics jersey is not a Celtics fan at all. You should be ashamed.

Allen spurning the Celtics hurts. Going to the Heat hurts even more. But show the man some respect.

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