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Ray Allen Signs With Heat: Allen Takes Half Of What Celtics Offered To Play In Miami

Ray Allen has signed will be taking his talents to play for the Miami Heat, as reported earlier here at SB Nation Boston. Details of the deal are still emerging, and it has been reported that Allen turned down significantly more money from the Celtics to play for the Heat. The Celtics were offering $6 million and a no-trade clause, almost double Miami's offer of $3.09, as reported by Hoops World.

Boston was in possession of Allen's Bird Rights, meaning they were able to go beyond the salary cap in making an offer to the veteran. That means that any offer they might make to another player will be significantly less, hampering their ability to land someone who can make a difference.

Stick with this storystream for more on Ray Allen signing with Miami as the story develops. For reactions to the deal and all things Celtics, head over to Celtics Blog.

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