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Jason Terry Signing: Terry Says He Received No Offer From Dallas, Wants Ray Allen To Re-Sign With Boston

Free agent guard Jason Terry looks to be one step closer to signing with the Boston Celtics. Terry had said that he would give his old club, the Dallas Mavericks, until Wednesday to match the Celtics offer. In a phone interview with Fox Sports Florida on Wednesday, Terry revealed that Dallas had not sent him an offer. Without saying where he would go, Terry did say that he won't return to Dallas.

"It definitely won't be Dallas. They didn't offer (a contract)." (via Fox Sports Florida)

Terry has reportedly been offered a three-year, $15.675 million contract by Boston. Free agents are not allowed to sign contracts until July 11. While Terry is not sure where Celtics free agent guard Ray Allen will play next season, he did indicate that he would like Allen to re-sign with the Celtics.

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