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Ray Allen Press Conference: Miami Heat Introduce New Star, Allen Dances Around Rajon Rondo Friction

Ray Allen was introduced as a member of the Miami Heat during a press conference on Wednesday, saying that leaving the Boston Celtics for South Beach was best for himself and his family.

Allen said that while meeting with Pat Riley, he realized that they shared several basketball philosophies. Allen also believes that the Heat see his role in a similar fashion to the way he does.

When asked about the friction between himself and Rajon Rondo that reportedly drove him out of Boston, Allen did his best not to directly answer the question. He did note that he has texted with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce since leaving, but has not communicated with Rondo.

"There's differences. We all have differences," Allen noted about his relationship with Rondo. He then tried to make light of the situation. "Paul [Pierce] eats corn flakes. I may not like corn flakes."

Allen noted that he was hesitant about leaving Boston, but feels the Heat can offer him a role that will help him continue to thrive during his later years in a way that Boston might not have been able to afford him.

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