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NBA Free Agency 2012: Celtics Pursuing Jason Terry, Interested In Nick Young; C's Reach Out To OJ Mayo, Jamal Crawford

Basketball news never stops, especially when I'm about to go to bed and see a link from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports about five seconds before I was about to shut my computer and go to bed, but I digress. (Note: I don't hate Woj. I love Woj. Woj for prez!)

Anyway, Woj's story included some good information, per usual. Of note, the Boston Celtics are pursuing Jason Terry, a free agent guard formerly of the Dallas Mavericks (the one with the Larry O'Brien trophy tattooed onto his arm), as a potential replacement for Ray Allen, who is anticipated to relocate (the Miami Heat are the front runners, according to reports). Terry, a three-point specialist, is a 13-year veteran who has played for two teams: the Mavs and Atlanta Hawks. Last season, Terry averaged 15.1 points in 63 game (62 off the bench) and made 138 treys. For his career, Terry has buried 1,788 threes.

Woj also reports that the Celtics are also interested in Nick Young, the free agent guard who was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers this past season after spending the first four and a half seasons with the Washington Wizards. Young averaged 14.2 points last year.

Last but not least, Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe reported early Sunday morning that the Celtics have reached out to the representatives of free agent guards O.J. Mayo and Jamal Crawford, and both have been tied to Boston via trade or free agency rumors.

Did you get all that? Good. Now, if you excuse me, some of us need some sleep.

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