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ANIMATED: Brandon Bass Throws Down Ferocious Dunk on Dwyane Wade

Brandon Bass, an unsung hero for the Celtics in their series against the Miami Heat, threw down one of the best dunks of the playoffs in the first half of Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Finals. With 3:15 remaining in the second quarter, Bass intercepted a pass by Dwyane Wade and proceeded to put down a monster two-handed jam over the aforementioned guard. Wade, who is averaging 1.4 blocks per game in the postseason, is known as one of the league's better shot-blocking perimeter players. Even still, he was unable to slow down Boston's power forward, who contributed 14 points on 5-7 shooting in the first half.



This posterization of Wade is eerily similar to a dunk by Chicago's Taj Gibson in last year's Eastern Conference Finals (video here), who also slammed home a big-time two-hand jam on the Heat superstar.

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