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ANIMATED: Rajon Rondo Inbounds Off Dwyane Wade's Back, Scores Easy Two

Rajon Rondo is known as one of the more creative offensive players in the NBA. Whether he's scoring or dishing it to Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen or another Boston teammate, Rondo has proven to be a challenge for Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the early moments of Saturday's deciding Game Seven between the Celtics and Heat, Rondo showed just how much of a headache he can be for Miami defenders, inbounding the ball off of Dwyane Wade's back for an easy layup. The basket was Boston's first of the game, and served as the latest highlight-reel play in what has been a stellar postseason for Rondo and the rejuvenated Celtics, who are looking to advance to the NBA Finals for the third time since 2008.



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