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NBA Playoffs 2012, Celtics Vs. Heat: LeBron's Historic Performance Downs Celtics, Forces Game 7

The Miami Heat defeated the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, forcing a game seven in the Eastern Conference Finals. The game started and ended with LeBron James, who recorded only the second 45 point, 15 rebound, 5 assist game in NBA Playoff history.

The folks at Celtics Blog describe his performance as one of the greatest anyone has ever seen.

All you who said LeBron didn't have that championship mindset, that he didn't have it in him to lead, that he'd shrivel up and die in the face of the elimination-game pressure: LeBron heard you. All of you. He internalized your words, he bottled up all his anger, and he unleashed it for 48 minutes in one of the greatest performances Boston -- or any other city on the planet, for that matter -- had ever seen.

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