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ANIMATED: Celtics Fan Not Fond Of LeBron James And His Stupid Basketball

Let's make this clear: Sportsmanship on the court is one of the most highly-exalted attributes any athlete can have. Poor sports are roundly disparaged by media and fans alike because, after all, it is just a game and we expect our sports heroes to be above any pettiness.

Ironically, we as fans don't hold ourselves to nearly the same high standards. We boo, and come up with chants incorporating foul language because it is the only thing we can do to have any sort of impact on the final score.

Sure the woman below the jump acted like a four-year-old, tossing the ball 10 feet away from LeBron James instead handing him the ball like her mother probably raised her to do. But whatever man, it was pretty funny.


Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to give the Celtics the win. The Eastern Conference Finals will head to Game 7 in Miami on Saturday night.

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