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Paul Pierce Has Choice Words For Miami Heat After Hitting Game 5 3-Pointer

The Boston Celtics pulled out a 94-90 win over the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night. Paul Pierce made arguably the play of the game when he hit a 3-pointer over LeBron James to give Boston a four-point lead with just 52 seconds to play.

Something you should know about Pierce and the Celtics: They are an intensely competitive bunch. Pierce made it known how he felt about the Heat on his way back to the huddle after the play. Warning: There is a bit of NSFW language after the jump.

Via FOX Sports columnist Jennifer Floyd Engel (and a bit censored):

Overheard: Pierce on his way back to huddle after draining monster 3 "I got your five, six, seven right here b******".

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