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Celtics Vs. Heat, Game 4: Does Boston Need To Win? [Hint: Uh, Yes]

BOSTON - What, do you live under a rock? But seriously, the Boston Celtics cannot afford to let Game 4 against the Miami Heat slip away, or else they'll be sitting in a 3-1 hole in their Eastern Conference Finals series. Translation? Win, or say goodbye to those title dreams.

Of course, everyone knows the Celtics need to win. Miami, too, and that's why it's so difficult to predict. Two nights ago, the Celtics stomped out the Heat by establishing Kevin Garnett in the paint, outscoring the Heat there 58-46 in the process, and by Rajon Rondo doing Rondo-like things (a.k.a. only things he can do - like fly, defy gravity, etcetera).

Miami will make adjustments, LeBron James insisted after the Game 3 loss. You better believe that you'll see a 30-point game from James, and after Dwyane Wade's so-so game in Boston on Friday, he's likely aiming to step up his play. But beyond that, who else is there to worry about? Sure, guys like Mike Miller and Shane Battier can be pests, but they aren't consistent. Udonis Haslem channeled his inner Brandon Bass in Game 3, making mid-range jumpers, and Joel Anthony can ... nah, nevermind. Really, if the Celtics can somehow keep LeBron and D-Wade in check, they should be golden. Easy enough, isn't it?

Aside from that, which is not a given, the C's need to score. That's not always easy for them, but if they can get games from Rondo, Garnett and Paul Pierce like they all had in Game 3, as well as some timely spot ups from Ray Allen, the points will flow forth.

Got all that? Stop the Heat's dynamic duo and score ... the ... basketball! Alright? Let's roll.

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Miami Heat
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Sunday, Jun 3, 2012, 8:30 PM EDT
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