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NBA Draft Rumors 2012: UConn's Jeremy Lamb Met With Milwaukee Bucks, Couldn't Work Out Due To Ankle Injury

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Former UConn guard Jeremy Lamb met with the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday but was not able to workout for the team due to an ankle injury. Lamb suffered the ankle injury several weeks ago but aggravated the injury on Monday while working out for the Trail Blazers (via JS Online).

Lamb said the Bucks knew about the injury but wanted to meet with him nonetheless. "It went pretty good (in Portland). I fought through it but it's real sore. It swelled up a little bit. They (the Bucks) knew I was hurt but they still said I should come in, and that's great."

Bucks assistant general manager Jeff Weltman said about Lamb meeting the team: "Unfortunately things are so fluid this time of year and injuries are part of the process. He (Lamb) probably shouldn't even have gone yesterday. It was to the point where it would have been fruitless to have him on the court. But he wanted to let us know he was serious about us and wanted to follow through with the visit. We had breakfast with him this morning."

Lamb is expected to be a Top 15 pick on NBA Draft night on Thursday and has been invited to the Green Room.

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