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Boston Celtics Have Ninth Best Odds To Win NBA Championship In 2012-13

After making it to the NBA's version of the Final Four, the Boston Celtics' odds to win the NBA title in the 2012-2013 season have been downgraded, as they are 25-1 favorites -- ninth best among all NBA teams.

(Thanks to Reds Army for finding Bovada odds)

That's understandable, as the future of the team's Big Three is up in the air, and it somewhat surprising that their odds are even that high. Above the Celtics are, understandably, the Miami Heat (the favorites, 11-4 odds) and Oklahoma City Thunder (5-1 odds), as well as the Chicago Bulls (6-1), Los Angeles Lakers (10-1), San Antonio Spurs (10-1), Dallas Mavericks (14-1), Los Angeles Clippers (18-1) and even the Indiana Pacers (20-1). Yes, the Pacers.

As previously stated, these odds can )and will) change before the start of next season. Who knows it the Celtics will get Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen back? We also don't know what other pieces Danny Ainge will put around the Big Three, if they do indeed return. The future is cloudy in Celtics Nation.

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