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NBA Free Agency 2012: Ryan Hollins Wants To Return To Boston Celtics

Free agent center Ryan Hollins said he would like to return to the Boston Celtics if given the chance, according to a report on Friday.

"Of course," he told "I would love to be here next season."

"[They pushed me] incredibly hard," he said. "It's not just being hard and yelling -- it's by example. The small things, talking here and there, it's rubbed off."

He added, "[I'm] dedicated. I've always taken my job seriously and loved the game, but the dedication (on the Celtics), eat sleep drink basketball, every day, every day, every day."

Hollins was cut by the Cleveland Cavaliers at midseason, but became part of the Celtics' postseason rotation after landing in Boston, averaging 1.5 points and 1.6 rebounds during the playoffs. He is an athletic, active seven-footer who still has a considerable amount of untapped potential, even as a 27-year old with six years of NBA experience.

He has a considerable amount of trouble rebounding the basketball and doesn't have much of a refined offensive game, but provides a real presence as a pick-and-roll defender.

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