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NBA Playoffs 2012, Celtics Vs. Heat Game 2: Ray Allen Sends It To Overtime

The Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat headed to overtime in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night. A strong second half from Miami helped to tie the game at 99-99 at the end of regulation.

Miami started the fourth quarter with an 81-75 lead following a 35-point effort in the third quarter. Dwyane Wade's blocked shot on Ray Allen touched off a Heat surge, following a dominant Celtics performance in the first half of the game.

Both teams went back and forth with the lead in the fourth quarter. With Miami leading by three points, Ray Allen atoned for his blocked shot in the third quarter with a 24-foot three-point jump shot that tied the game. LeBron James missed a layup and a jump shot after getting his own rebound that would have given the Heat a lead with a second left to play.

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