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Ray Allen Injury Update: There Is No Way Allen Will Miss Game Two

Sometimes players like to be coy and beat around the bush when asked whether or not an injury will keep them out of the lineup. Then there's Ray Allen.

According to Howard Beck via twitter, when asked Wednesday morning whether he would be okay with resting for a game after Doc Rivers broached the idea, Allen had a simple and eloquent response; "hell no."

Well, that takes care of that now doesn't it?

Allen has been struggling mightily this postseason after injuring his right ankle. One of the best career free throw shooters in NBA history is down to the 65 percent range. It's been brutal to watch, but with Avery Bradley done for the remainder of the postseason and a very lackluster bench, Allen has soldiered on.

It will be very intriguing to see how Rivers handles this situation now that Allen has publicly and emphatically shot down the notion of resting him.

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