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2012 NBA Playoffs, Heat Vs. Celtics: Doc Rivers Should Consider Limiting Ray Allen's Minutes

The Boston Celtics were thoroughly outplayed by the Miami Heat in their 93-79 Game 1 defeat on Monday night. They were out-rebounded 48 to 33, out-shot 50 percent to 39.5 percent and got blocked 11 times by a suffocating Miami defense.

Obviously, the Celtics need to make adjustments in Game 2. One of those, writes SB Nation's Scott Schroeder, should be putting Ray Allen on a shorter leash.

Allen shot 1 for 7 from the field over 39 minutes.

Rivers has been given credit this season for sticking with his guys, particularly Allen through injury, though it looks like it's going to finally come back and bite him because Allen's no longer Jesus Shuttlesworth. The veteran guard made just one of his seven field goal attempts on Monday night and looked like a shell of his former self by short-arming three three-pointers while connecting on less than half of his seven free-throw attempts (he's a career 89 percent shooter from the charity stripe).

Whether it's warranted or not, and this discussion is, debating whether to replace Ray Allen in the lineup because he's not shooting well is really, really weird.

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