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NBA Playoffs 2012, Heat Vs. Celtics: Boston Fans Embarrassed And Ready For Game 2

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals when in the books Monday, and unfortunately for Boston Celtics fans the Miami Heat got the best of their team in a 93-79 rout. The loss was so bad that the SB Nation blog CelticsBlog is embarrassed and is ready to get revenge in Game 2, Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

The Celtics, much like their fans, are seething mad over the first game blowout loss. Aside from a good 2nd quarter, everything went the Heat's way last night and by the end of the game Miami was just toying with them. At one point, LeBron James literally laughed in the face of a growling Kevin Garnett. That's not going to sit well.

Writer Jeff Clark admits the only way to rebound from a game like that is to get more physical, more chippy and set a tone for Game 2. However, in the end...

The best revenge is winning. The Celtics can still do that if they all step up and do their jobs the way they have shown in the past that they can.

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