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NBA Playoffs 2012, 76ers Vs. Celtics: The End Of An Era Looming In Boston?

The Boston Celtics had a chance to close out their series with the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night. Instead, the Sixers forced a Game 7 in the series with an 82-75 win. Playing the more up-tempo game, Philly held Kevin Garnett in check. Jeff Clark at Celtics Blog wondered about Garnett, and some of the other Celtics' veterans, following Wednesday's game, looking past this game and even the series.

Could this Celtics team be broken up after this season?

Celtics Blog explains.

If Danny decides that he wants to start the rebuilding plan sooner rather than later, the dominos could start falling very fast. Garnett and Allen could find employment elsewhere or retire. Paul Pierce has hinted strongly at retirement and I think he would consider it strongly if those other two left. Then there's always the bi-annual Rajon Rondo trade rumors. Doc Rivers seems signed up for the long haul, but he could be coaching a completely revamped lineup next year.

It might all be premature, says Clark. Bringing back Garnett and and even Allen could be preferable to working the free agent market.

The better outcome would be a win in Game 7.Or maybe the Celtics will just happen to win on Saturday, and then go on to throttle the Heat (who they might just match up better with than the Sixers or Pacers). Then anything can happen in the Finals. Just ask the Mavericks, another aging team that happened to come together at just the right time.

I'm not burying this team just yet. Like I said at the top, I still believe in them. I just realize that there's a chance they could lose and I don't want it to end this way.

Game 7 happens Saturday in Boston.

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