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2012 NBA Playoffs, Celtics Vs. Sixers Game 6: Allen Iverson Reportedly Plans To Attend

Several years ago, Danny Ainge attempted to acquire Allen Iverson and team him alongside Paul Pierce in the Boston Celtics' lineup. That was back when Iverson was a high-scoring guard, just a short time removed from being the NBA MVP.

Wednesday night, Pierce will attempt to dispatch Iverson's old crew, and Iverson -- out of basketball, at least for the time being, probably forever -- is expected to sit in the stands and observe.

Iverson is the same age as Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, yet he hasn't appeared in an NBA game since Feb. 20, 2010. In an alternate world, maybe, Iverson loved practice and didn't have so many vices and could have agreed to a smaller role as he aged. But in this world, he'll do nothing but watch while his former peers try to finish off his former team.

Sad, really.

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