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Avery Bradley Injury Update: Bradley Game-Time Decision For Celtics-Sixers Game 5 After Missing Shootaround

The Boston Celtics announced that shooting guard Avery Bradley missed the team's shootaround Monday morning prior to Game 5 against the Philadelphia 76ers and is considered a game-time decision.

Doc Rivers said Sunday that not many players around the league would be able to play through the pain Bradley has experienced with his shoulder popping out several times in the latter stages of the season, and noted he is concerned about Bradley's availability moving forward.


"It's just tough. It really is. I swear a lot of people would not be playing, and the only reason he is is because he wants to," Doc Rivers said on Sunday before the team conducted practice. "I am concerned at some point that he may not be able to anymore. We don't know what game that is, we don't know what day he can finish it. We can keep going all the way and he can play [or] tomorrow could be his last game."

Bradley also missed practice on Sunday.

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