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There's Tough, And Then There's Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley probably shouldn't be out on the court, if we're being honest here. His shoulder popped out of its socket, again, in the second half of the Boston Celtics' Game 4 on Saturday. Before he could reach the end of the bench trainer Eddie Lacerte popped it back in and sent Bradley on his way to shoot free throws. Bradley is playing through immense pain at the moment with Ray Allen limited. His grittiness hasn't been lost on coach Doc Rivers.

"It's just tough. It really is. I swear a lot of people would not be playing, and the only reason he is is because he wants to," Rivers said . "I am concerned at some point that he may not be able to anymore. We don't know what game that is, we don't know what day he can finish it. We can keep going all the way and he can play [or] tomorrow could be his last game."

Paul Pierce was just impressed, while expressing the same concerns as Rivers over the damage Bradley could be doing to his shoulder.

"A lot of young players would probably sit down, worry about their future, their career," Pierce said. "At the end of the day, Avery has to do what's best for him and his family and possibly for the long run. Hopefully he doesn't have any long-term injuries due to the fact that he's playing. I think it's a fine line there, too."

Unfortunately the Celtics couldn't pull out the win, but let's give credit where it is due. Bradley has been giving his against the Sixers.

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